Sex In Water Advices | How To: Aqua Sex And Water Sex Tips

Sex In Water: How To?

Many of us avoid having sex in water simply due to fear that it is going to be a dangerous activity. Of course if planning to have sex surrounded by blood thirty sharks, the activity could get dangerous, however, water sex on its own is hardly a fearful thing. On the contrary having sex amidst water has been known to be rather pleasurable.

Water and sex mix very well to create great pleasure for both the partners. Water has always been associated with sensuality and this translates quite nicely when practicing aqua sex. When looking to undertake sexual acts in the realm of water one can experiment almost anywhere. Try out the bath tub, the Jacuzzi, the pool, the ocean and so on depending, on your personal comfort level.

Sex In Water

There are several commercial products that can be used to add further to your water sex activities. There are certain water pistols that can drive women insane with pleasure. Water salts are a huge hit especially for those couples who like taking to the water tub. Using soaps as lubes will help in keeping things sliding and fun. Couples do find that a water based lube tends to not work very during water based sex and therefore opting for an oil or silicon based lube may be a better idea.

Aqua sex in deeper waters does need one to maintain some level of caution due to the fear of drowning, however many couples find this aspect quite attractive. It will help to discuss with your partner before you plan out the activity, especially if undertaking it for the first time.

There are several postures that can be adopted with great ease when it comes to such sex. The standing positions work beautifully when under a shower, but do make sure that you have a good grip of things, since it is much easier to slip and fall in these cases. If trying the missionary position, do allow for the partner to breathe with ease. The doggie and rear entry work quite easily when combining water and sex.

The play of water on the body of both the partners helps them to explore the possibility of oral sex too. Those who may have odor or hygiene related issues with oral sex, will find that these problems completely vanish when having sex amidst water. Due to the cleansing qualities of water, oral sex is extremely enjoyable when mixing sex and water.

Sex amidst water is a great and fun activity that can open new doors of sexual pleasure to a couple. Women and men both find the water adds to the intensity of their arousal in a strange way. Sex in water helps couples reap the therapeutic advantages of water along with enjoying intense orgasms too.

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