Sex In Water Advices | How To: Aqua Sex And Water Sex Tips

Ocean Sex Do’s And Don’ts

There is no denying the magnetic appeal of ocean sex. Images of a skimpily clad woman walking out of an ocean can make many men go weak in the knees. Having sex in the ocean can also be very scary for some of us, specially since the tides can be pretty strong and almost sweep you away too. While a certain level of caution is advisable during sea sex, the activity is on the whole a safe and pleasurable one.

When planning to have sea sex it will help to follow the guide below

1) Walk into the ocean till you are waist down in water. Judge your comfort level, in case you feel that the waves are too strong for you; walk a little towards the beach. Remember that as the water recedes, it is likely to move the sand under your feet too, so do work with a life jacket if you can.
2) Initiate foreplay and slowly move into the act. If planning to use a lube, make sure it is silicone based and that you apply it before entering the water. The condom should also be worn before going into the ocean, since wearing it in the water will be quite a difficult task.
3) Lift the lady up and allow her to wrap her legs around your waist. Expose your penis and initiate entry into her vagina. Do make sure that the lady is comfortable and has a good grip on your shoulders. A fall in the water at this time could result in injury.
4) Proceed with the thrusting, but keep in mind that ocean water can cause skin burns and should not really enter the vagina since it carries a lot of bacteria. Sex in ocean therefore demands a thoroughly cleaning afterwards especially for the woman.

When planning to have sex at sea, it will help to choose a beach, which is not too crowded and offers washrooms so that you can prepare with ease. Looking for nude beaches could also help here. It is important that both partners are comfortable with the situation since panicking will render the activity useless.

While there is no denying the magnetism of sex at sea, it is also true that a small error in judgment could cause an accident here. It is important to play it safe and not try out very complicated positions when having sex in ocean. Those who cannot swim should not attempt the activity at all, unless armed with a floating device. The salty water of the sea can irritate the skin specially if hard thrusting has rubbed the area strongly. Be prepared for ocean life to come visiting in case you are using a beach where aqua life is rather high.

While it is true that some caution needs to be maintained during such sex, there is no denying that ocean sex is highly pleasurable.